Shangri La Tbilisi: prospects for the development of the casino of Georgia

Casino Shangri la Tbilisi has already been successfully working at the gambling market of Georgia. When it was only opened, it was mainly visited by local residents, as it takes time to spread the information about the new institution among citizens of other countries.

One of the competitive advantages of the casino is the popularity of the Shangri La brand in the CIS countries and the former USSR, due to the fact that the first casino in Moscow under the direction of Storm International (Darren Keane is the CEO) was very famous and enjoyed a good reputation among the players.

Recently, it has also been possible to spread information about the network among fans of excitement living in the far abroad. It took a lot of effort and time to attract foreigners to Shangri La Tbilisi, but now the base of clients is from abroad. The Georgian market is small, with very high licensing fees and taxes on gambling equipment, so if the casino wants to be profitable, it is necessary to focus on players from other countries.

Speaking about Georgia, the legislative base was formed several years ago, and Georgian legislation in the sphere of gambling can serve as an example of a balanced approach to regulating the industry for many neighboring countries. It is known that there is no limit to perfection, but in general, the law on gambling here corresponds to European standards and does not need significant changes.

The competition in the Georgian market is extremely high. Here, by and large, there are only two regions with a developed gambling business - Tbilisi, where three casinos now operate, and Batumi (Adzharia) with thirteen casinos already in operation and ten planned for opening until 2020.

Constantly, there are data on the plans of other operators to come to Tbilisi. But for the local market it is too much, since the domestic market is small, and the influx of tourists does not increase at the same pace. But Shangri La, Darren Keane stressed, always welcomes competition and believes that market laws will put everything in their place.

For Shangri La Tbilisi, the main achievement is that, working in such a highly competitive environment, casinos were able to achieve a significant market share, especially in the VIP sector.

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