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What is SEO?

SEO (search engine optimization) is search engine optimization. This concept hides the complex development of a website SEO optimization to rise to one of the top positions in the search engine results. SEO marketing can be defined in another way, namely as a channel for attracting traffic to the site and a tool for influencing search robots in order to achieve leadership in search results. The question arises why it is so important to be in the top lines of the search results. The answer is given by the statistics of search engines for commercial queries, that is, for queries reflecting the desire of users to purchase something. Of the total volume of traffic, 95% falls on the first page of search results, and from 60% to 80% - on the 1-3rd lines. Any businessman will be happy to attract such attention to his company (brand, product), so it is important to make every effort to get into the leaders of search results. Astash offers the best Denver SEO services at the most affordable price.

SEO components

There are various options for attracting new customers via the Internet. These are targeting social media, paid advertising, and much more. All these methods work well if there are no financial problems and you need to attract the first customers (buyers) as soon as possible. But you have to face a serious drawback. The desired effect lasts only for the period as long as you pay for the use of this or that instrument. As soon as the account runs out of funds, advertising stops. Modern SEO strategies are no longer limited to typing keywords and acquiring links as they did ten years ago. Now this work has become much more painstaking and delicate. SEO optimization

Today SEO marketing includes such basic elements as:

  • constant monitoring of changes in algorithms used by search engines for ranking, and making appropriate adjustments;
  • monitoring the relevance of search queries. It is necessary to timely track when the keywords and phrases used on your site are losing popularity among search engine users, and change the direction of optimization work;
  • creation of a semantic core and regular expansion due to relevant queries;
  • internal optimization, within the framework of which the website code and navigation are improved, the quality of the content is increased and the loading is accelerated;
  • external optimization, that is, providing the site with citation. For this purpose, links to the resource are bought on various popular sites in order to increase interest in it from search engines;
  • tracking the actions of site visitors and timely response to all negative manifestations;
  • analysis of work results and their use to revise the strategy for further promotion.

We have to admit that SEO specialists do not know exactly what formulas search engines use when determining the places of resources in the search list. But they understand the key factors and fundamentals. Usability (interface convenience), availability and quality of the mobile version, download speed, and user behavior are those indicators that directly affect the place of the site in the search results. It is worth highlighting the optimization of the site for smartphones and other mobile devices since desktop traffic is now more and more inferior to mobile. By optimizing the website in the indicated directions, the publisher can bring it to the top of the search engine results. This takes into account about 800 parameters. Want to find out more? Give aStash web designers and SEO experts a call for the top Denver SEO services.

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